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I love my job. That is all. 🙂

will be boys! We could probably power the entire town with the energy from these two. 🙂 They always leave me entertained! 🙂

I love this family! The boys never cease to crack me up, and keep me on my toes. 🙂

We had a casual session planned a few weeks before Christmas. We planned to play and shoot inside, and then venture outside to play and visit the horses. The second part didn’t happen. It was bone chillingly cold that day. Which makes sweet Vivi’s outfit all the more ironic. Mom told the kids to put on their favorite clothes….and she chose shorts. Obviously she is not a fan of winter. I just love these kids…and their parents. We hung out and let the kids just be themselves. I’m loving the result. 🙂 Maybe next time we’ll photograph them swimming all day. 😉

I’ve had the honor of photographing baby Emery since she was inside her mother’s womb. I documented her way into this world, and have been able to continue her journey through this first year. This session her big sister got to join in. Sibling bonds are so special and so unique. These girls have such an age gap between them, but if it’s anything like my girls and their age gap their in for a beautiful sisterhood!