Blog Category: milestones

Deacon reached another adorable milestone. Everytime I think this guy can’t get any cuter…he does!

Little Deacon just keeps growing! I was super impressed with his mad sitting skills at just 4 months. And that hair! The cuteness just kills me. 🙂

Sweet Elsie Joy. She has a beautiful spirit about her. Elsie smiled, coo’d, and ate her feet..but what she enjoyed the most was taking out her hearing aids and chewing on them. Stinker. No way you can get mad at this face! 🙂

Can you believe this sweetheart has grown so fast?!

This little man had the cutest Christmas card! I love how this background turned out.

Oh she just keeps getting sweeter! So many people opt to skip photographing this age, but I love it! All those gorgeous smiles… 🙂 I’m so far behind on blogging sessions. When I say behind I mean this sweet girl just finished her 6 month milestone session! I can’t wait to share with you. 🙂