Meet Oliver. The cutest new baby boy on the block.

I love newborns. Their perfectly pink lips are probably my favorite part; who can resist?! This sweetie just loved to be snuggled with momma and daddy. <3

Just before Christmas I took a road trip with Denise, and her dog, Henri. Denise and Henri are the faces behind Travel Tails. They travel around and check out all the great places to stay, eat, shop, and meandor. They look for dog-friendly places….and have a lot of fun doing it! Denise is also a fabulous dog trainer. Her business, Love Trust Teach, is known for positive re-enforcement training. She helped us train our St. Bernarnd over a decade ago, and now helps with our little dogs, Cicero and Freckles. I can’t say enough good things about her! Anyway, she asked me if I’d like a free trip to the Gulf Coast with her and Henri. Of course I said yes! Here are some images I took on the trip. Some with my camera, and some with my phone. I urge you to visit her blog and read all the details of places we visited. 🙂

We had a casual session planned a few weeks before Christmas. We planned to play and shoot inside, and then venture outside to play and visit the horses. The second part didn’t happen. It was bone chillingly cold that day. Which makes sweet Vivi’s outfit all the more ironic. Mom told the kids to put on their favorite clothes….and she chose shorts. Obviously she is not a fan of winter. I just love these kids…and their parents. We hung out and let the kids just be themselves. I’m loving the result. 🙂 Maybe next time we’ll photograph them swimming all day. 😉

This beautiful baby boy arrived on December 5th weighing a whopping 9lbs, 9oz! He was also 22 inches long….can’t wait to see how fast he grows! His mom brought in some of her own hats and such. I always tell parents that I have everything we need, but if they have anything to personalize their session to please bring it. It’s always so much fun when I can use things that aren’t mine, but yours. I love the story it can tell. When Atlas’ mom pulled out the ‘Dude’ hat I nearly died. I just happened to have a black/white striped blanket that was an exact match! 🙂