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This bright, compassionate young lady is about to embark on the next phase of her life. The world is a better place with people like her in it, and I know she has many people praying for her future and cheering her on!

I look forward to seeing this sweet face every year. His happy-go-lucky personality is contagious! JJ always remembers me; he starts and ends our session with a hug – he just warms my heart. <3 This year we had a heck of a time getting together; first his family was sick, then I was, then there was this issue with marker all over his face…. lol! But nevertheless we made it happen, and the results show off the many sides of him perfectly. 🙂

Another laid back family from this past fall season. This sweet girl is about to become a big sister, but for now she is the center of attention! ‘M’ was a load of fun and personality. 🙂

These kids were great. Such an easy going session with siblings that had so much affections for each other. I hope they always have that! 🙂

I love adoption stories. Sweet Anderson suprised his mom and dad. They didn’t know he was joining their family until his birth day! What a great phone call to get…finding out there was a baby boy just waiting for you to come pick him up. Adoption rocks. 🙂