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I love adoption stories. Sweet Anderson suprised his mom and dad. They didn’t know he was joining their family until his birth day! What a great phone call to get…finding out there was a baby boy just waiting for you to come pick him up. Adoption rocks. 🙂

A few months ago some dear friends of mine brought their son home from Haiti. I was blessed to be there to capture it. Welly is a perfect fit…and that smile is just contagious. Adoption Rocks. 🙂

This family was lucky enough to have some beautiful snow for their session! The kids were such troopers to run outdoors for a few shots. Baby Edward is so lucky to have so many siblings. If it’s anything like my house he’s going to have lots of little hands taking care of him and making him laugh. 🙂

In typical kid style I had a little photobomber. 🙂

‘Not flesh of my flesh,

Or bone of my bone,

But heart of my heart,

And soul of my soul.’

-David McNeely

It’s been a while since a client has kept me on my toes as well as big sister did! You could find her picture next to the word ‘Independent’ in the dictionary. I loved her energy, huge smile, and uncontrollable laugh! She will no doubt be a fun big sister to their newest family member, Emma Grace. I’m told these beautiful girls are the first girls in a couple generations on dad’s side, so you can imagine grandma is having a field day with the girly shopping! 🙂

One of the most beautiful things ever.  Adoption.  To take a child and make them your own, and love them to the moon and back.  What an absolutely beautiful thing.