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I love adoption stories. Sweet Anderson suprised his mom and dad. They didn’t know he was joining their family until his birth day! What a great phone call to get…finding out there was a baby boy just waiting for you to come pick him up. Adoption rocks. 🙂

It was so fun to see this family again this year. These boys never dissapoint for entertainment and personality! Sometimes the best images come from complete chaos…and if mom is reading this she is laughing out loud. 🙂

I just love this sweet little guy. He is usually all smiles, but this particular morning he wasn’t so much. It took a little bit more effort to get these, but so completely worth it! Mom told me he woke from his nap later that day with a fever…which make these images all the more amazing! Can’t wait to see him again at a year. XO

A beautiful family on a beautiful spring day. These sweet kiddo’s made my job way too easy. My hope during every session is that I can capture a child’s true personality. These two sure let me see that, and I hope they enjoy their images for years to come.

People often ask me how I decide what pictures to put up in my own house. Often times I have to be honest and tell them I can’t…which is why I still have too many empty walls. Hahaha! But truthfully I pick the images that on a bad day I can look at my walls and my spirit is lifted. Images that speak to me. Sometimes that is a picture of a beautiful smile, but not always. Go with the images that speak to you. You can’t go wrong.