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These kids. Are awesome. They are funny, and sweet, and full of energy. And don’t you agree those are some strong family genes?? 🙂

Meet Oliver. The cutest new baby boy on the block.

I love newborns. Their perfectly pink lips are probably my favorite part; who can resist?! This sweetie just loved to be snuggled with momma and daddy. <3

This beautiful baby boy arrived on December 5th weighing a whopping 9lbs, 9oz! He was also 22 inches long….can’t wait to see how fast he grows! His mom brought in some of her own hats and such. I always tell parents that I have everything we need, but if they have anything to personalize their session to please bring it. It’s always so much fun when I can use things that aren’t mine, but yours. I love the story it can tell. When Atlas’ mom pulled out the ‘Dude’ hat I nearly died. I just happened to have a black/white striped blanket that was an exact match! 🙂