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I first met this family through NWA Motherlode when this sweet little girl below was born.  Then last year I had the opportunity to photograph the entire family, and now again this fall.  This year mom wanted to have our session on some of their family land.  This land has been in her family for a VERY long time.  I can’t remember how many years exactly, but a long time.  🙂  The house still stands, but was built back when there was no running water or electricity.  I got to walk down past the old smokehouse and see where a waterhole was built to collect water and often do laundry.  Out at the back of the land was a body of water where they often get together nowadays and have campfires and sometimes spend the night.  I hope these precious baby’s know how blessed they are to grow up around so much family.  And a place where they now get to make some memories of their own.

Can’t help but love this family…can’t wait til they have one more with them.  Since mom’s already seen their images I thought I’d share some with you.  So many more I’d love to share, but I’ve got to stop somewhere.  🙂

It’s always nice to see this family.  The first time I met their little girl she wasn’t quite 2 years old and already had a fiery personality.  I loved it!  A few years later and she’s still got it.  🙂  Thanks for having me over guys.

The snow week has come to it’s end and tomorrow I get to send my kids back to school.  All in all it wasn’t too bad.  My kids did really well all here for a week together.  We played in the snow, beat each other in card games, made smores and jumped on the beds.  🙂  I’m not gonna lie, it’s going to put a smile on my face to send them off to school in the morning.

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